A recommendation from two physicians in South Carolina

We were lucky enough to discover Randy Blake in the early 1990’s after having been turned away by several contractors who didn’t want to mess with a difficult and challenging job. Our house in Valle Crucis was built sometime in the 1800’s, probably initially as a barn, and then converted to a frame farmhouse at least a hundred years ago. When we bought the property, the back half had to be torn off because a stream was running under the kitchen. Working off of a sketch made by an architect friend of ours, Ken Huggins, AIA., Randy and his crew turned what was an unlivable old shell of a home into a energy efficient, beautiful gem of a house. We particularly love the wormy old chestnut wood throughout that he salvaged from the house original roof.

It was a laborious job, and we were far away in South Carolina. Randy Blake not only does beautiful work, but he is completely trustworthy and we were able to accomplish with great peace of mind and confidence what could have been a Old House money pit nightmare. Randy takes pride in what he does and will make sure it is right, and at a good price.

Dr. Dorothy Kendall,

“Our roof was leaking badly, and no one seemed to know what to do about it. Contractors came and went, charging us money, and never solving the problem.

Randy Blake and his team were different. They took time to carefully diagnose the problem–and then they went to work, repairing not only the roof, but also the damage done to the interior of the house. They completed the project when they said they would, and they charged us exactly what they said they would. And our roof no longer leaks.

I would never hesitate to hire Randy Blake for a leaky roof or any sort of contracting that he is licensed to do. He and his team do good work, for the price they quote–and they will stand behind it. What more can you ask for?”

Joseph J. Gonzalez, Boone, North Carolina ,

George and Roseanne
Boone, NC 28607
(828) 264-4501

In September of 2009 after Roseanne retired from teaching for 33 years we bought our house. The house had been completed in January of that year and had not been lived in. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into. After having a home owners inspection which found some issues that were fixed by the seller before our purchase, we moved into our retirement home.

That year was one of the worst winters on record, and we found that we could not keep the temperature in our great room any higher than 10 – 15 degrees below the thermostat setting. Papers were also being blown off tables, and the house was extremely breezy inside. After one storm we found 1” of snow had been blown under our front door and on and on another occasion we found more snow had been blown in under one of the upstairs windows. During the spring of that year we had a rain storm that blew from the northwest, and had water running down our inside wall in the great room. Needless to say we had to do something.

We had an energy audit performed and found that our house had air leakage “the equivalent of leaving all our doors and windows open”.

We decided to replace 5 windows on the front of the house and north side of the house, and had Randy Blake and his crew perform the work. During the course of the work numerous issues were found that showed a lack of caring upon the part of the General Contractor who built our home. In short, Randy found over 20 code violations that had somehow been missed during the building inspection process.

During the course of the work Randy’s crew showed up when they told us they would, were courteous and professional. After the work was performed we had another energy audit performed and found that the amount of air leakage had been reduced by 25%.

We brought a lawsuit against the general contractor who did the initial work, and won. We have filed a claim with the home owner recovery fund and are waiting for our claim to be funded. Randy was instrumental in helping us with our lawsuit and getting the judgement that we needed to perform the rest of the work on our house. He went above and beyond, and spent many hours helping us prepare our presentation for court. He and his crew made our home more livable while we are waiting for our claim to be processed so that we can finish the work that needs to be done. We will be using Randy and his crew to perform the remaining work and look forward to working with him again.

Randy holds his crew to very high standards which we appreciate. We would strongly recommend Randy Blake and his crew to anyone who needs a reliable, honest, competent and conscientious contractor.

Randy Blake is my choice for any of General Contractor work. I have personally known Mr. Blake for five years now and have found him to be a man of integrity, superb construction skills, and excellent knowledge of all contractor skills….from footings to the roof.

I have used Mr. Blake for writing estimates, general repairs, debris removal , mold mitigation, and more. His estimates were accurate and his performance was on time and have never found him to be a contractor that takes short cuts with his work. He oversees his construction crews and they have great respect and admiration for him. I have always found him on the job site. Mr. Blake has worked well with insurance adjusters and Public Adjusters.

Mr. Blake’s standards are just what the market needs and I give him the best marks possible to do the job right the first time. There is no task too small or too large for Mr. Blake and his crew. Randy is a man that I trust and so can you.

Ron Barts - President, Darbyco, LLC, Licensed NC Insurance Adjuster - FEMA Disaster Housing Inspector