We were lucky enough to discover Randy Blake in the early 1990’s after having been turned away by several contractors who didnt want to mess with a difficult and challenging job. Our house in Valle Crusis was built sometime in the 1800’s, probably initally as a barn, then converted to a frame farmhouse at least a hundred years ago.
When we bought the property, the back half had to be torn off because a stream was running under the kitchen. Working off of a sketch made by an architect friend of ours,Ken Huggins, AIA., Randy and his crew turned what was an unlivable old shell of a home into an energy efficient, beautiful gem of a house. We particularly love the wormy chestnut wood throughout the house Randy was able to salvage original house roof.

It was a laborious job, and we were far away in South Carolina. Randy Blake and his crew not only do beautiful work, but are completely trustworthy.
Randy takes pride in what he does and will make sure job is done right, and at a good price.

Recommendation from two physicians in South Carolina,