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About Randy Blake Carpentry Inc
Randy Blake Carpentry Inc is a family owned and operated business in the Bethel, NC area with more than 39 years of Basement Remodel experience, helping homeowners positively transform their homes. Over numerous years, Randy Blake Carpentry Inc has achieved Green Energy Star, Lead Abatement Certifications, as well as an A plus Rating with the Better Business Bureau in the Bethel, NC area. We have served under several panels of our local Home Building Association Chapter as well as providing Basement Remodel products and services to local charities such as Habitat For Humanity, Relay For Life, and others. For all of your Basement Remodel needs in the Bethel, NC area, give us a call at 828-964-6329.
What Makes Us Unique?
Randy Blake, owner of Randy Blake Carpentry Inc, has been awarded Businessman of the Year in 2006 in the Bethel, NC area, and is a former President of the Home Builders Association of our community chapter. Our dedication to constant and consistent quality of Basement Remodel workmanship, lead our company to provide superior Basement Remodel services to families and homes in the Bethel, NC area. If you ever have any questions regarding your Basement Remodel needs, please feel free to call Randy Blake Carpentry Inc at any time if you are in the Bethel, NC area at 828-964-6329.
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- Basement - Remodel
- Bathroom - Remodel
- Cabinets - Install
- Carpentry
- Carpentry Framing - Install
- Countertops
- Countertops - Laminate Countertops - Install
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To change the appearance and/or functional utility of a downstairs area. This may include painting, repairing, or the replacing of fixtures and equipment.  It usually involves hiring a professional contractor to perform a list of planned changes and updates.

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